FUHRMANN, Bernard, Regina, Sidi, Fillip and Betti 

Regina Fuhrman (Goldmann) (30.11.1887, Nowosielitza - 23.03.1942, the Mogilev ghetto). Bernard Fuhrmann (25.12.1885, Novoselitsa - 15.04.1942, the Mogilev ghetto). The wedding took place on November 12, 1909, in Czernowitz, Bukovina.  

Sidi Furhmann

My mom, Sidi Furhmann, was born on March 22, 1926, in Cernăuți (now - Chernivtsi). When she was 15 years old, in October 1941, her family's house on Strada Regele Ferdinand (now - 19 Golovna Street) was included in the Chernivtsi ghetto. The location is situated in the block famously referred to as "The House-Ship" in Chernivtsi. The main exit from Strada Regele Ferdinand was immediately barricaded, leaving the only escape route through a narrow path leading to Strada Evreiască  (now -Sholem Aleichem Street), which was also within the confines of the Chernivtsi ghetto. In November 1941, after a month of being forced to stay in the Chernivtsi ghetto, my mom Sidi, along with her parents Bernard and Regina Fuhrmann, her brother Fillip Fuhrmann, and her sister Betti, were deported from Cernăuți to camps in Transnistria. Nobody from the family, except my mom, returned home, they all died in 1942.  Her mom, dad, and sister died from starvation and diseases in the Mogilev Ghetto in Transnistria, and her brother Filip was taken from the ghetto and shot. Miraculously, my mom Sidi survived for three years in the Mogilev ghetto before being able to return to her native town in November 1944.

The information is recorded from the words of Rita Melamud Kaufmann (October 2023) 

Photos: (1) Regina and Bernard Fuhrmann; (2) Sidi Fuhrmann (granted by Rita Melamud Kaufmann)