POZHARNER, Leib, Beila and Ester / AUERBACH, Wolf and Yakov

Leib Pozharner

Beila Pozharner 

Ester Pozharner

Wolf Auerbach

Yakov Auerbach

Leib (son of Benedikt) Pozharner (1880) died in 1941 on the way from the Chernivtsi ghetto to the camp in Bershad. Beila (daughter of Yakov) Pozharner (1885) died in 1944, not living a few weeks before liberation. My son Yakov (son of Wolf) Auerbach (1924), his father, Wolf (son of Mark) Auerbach (1904), and my sister Esther (daughter of Leib) Pozharner (1910) perished in the gas chamber in Kolomyia in 1944.

The information is recorded from the words of Suia Katz

Publication, photos: Вестник свидетельства очевидцев [Bulletin of Eyewitness Testimony], Черновцы: Прут 1992.